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Premium quality

full-grain leather

We only use premium full-grain leather which being entirely organic, veg-tanned leather will improve over time, growing darker and softer with use which means it will become as unique, and as an individual, as you are.

Handmade in the UK

Everything we produce is handmade in the UK, which means that your product is of the highest quality; therefore, you will never need to buy a new item, guaranteed.

The largest choice of colours, anywhere?

There are almost 350 colour combinations of leather and thread available on our products which will allow you to select your perfect blend, meaning you will have a product as unique and as an individual, as you are.

We only use

vegetable-tanned leather

Which enables you to smell the sweet, earthy and heady

smell of traditionally crafted leather.

Corporate Gifts

We have hand crafted a wide selection of bespoke high end corporate gifts for a wide variety of customers from ‘welcome keyrings’ for a new luxury housing development to special Christmas gifts for an Aston Martin garage.

Please get in touch if you are looking for something that bit special. 

Corporate Gift Wallet

Bespoke cardholders for an Aston Martin garage

Corporate Gift Hipflasks

Hipflasks for a specialist skiing company

Corporate Gift

Bespoke keyrings for new luxury homes

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Leather, Thread and Hardware Colours – Walnut Tree Leather

With almost 350 leather and thread colour combinations we hope that there is one that you like? To try to make things easier this page shows the current possible colour combinations. Please click on each image for a closer look and to see the colour name. The threads...

Quick Facts 4.3 : Leather manufacturing – crusting

Crusting is a process that thins and lubricates leather. It often includes a colouring operation. Chemicals added during crusting must be fixed in place. Crusting culminates with a drying and softening operation, and may include splitting, shaving, dyeing, whitening...

Quick Facts 4.2 : Leather manufacturing – tanning

Tanning is chemical a process that stabilizes the proteins, particularly collagen, of the raw hide to increase the thermal, chemical, and microbiological stability of the hides and skins, making it suitable for a wide variety of end applications. The principal...

Quick Facts 4.1 : Leather manufacturing – preparatory stage

The preparatory stage of leather manufacturing is when the hide is prepared for tanning. Preparatory stages may include soaking, hair removal, liming, deliming, bating, bleaching, and pickling. To view more quick facts then have a look here: Quick Facts This week's...

Quick Facts 4 : The leather manufacturing process.

The leather manufacturing process is divided into three fundamental subprocesses: preparatory stages, tanning, and crusting. A further subprocess, finishing, can be added into the leather process sequence, but not all leathers receive this finishing step. To view more...

Quick Facts 3 : Where does leather come from?

According to a report for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 99% of the raw hides and skins used in the production of leather derive from animals raised for meat and/or dairy production. To view more quick facts then have a look here: Quick Facts...

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