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Delivery date: Handmade to order within 2 weeks
If you are thinking of having something special made either for yourself as a treat, a special someone or a big day then do get in touch as we would love to help with our bespoke options.
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    Please do contact us and we can discuss your requirements and once we have agreed on the price and timescales then you may enter it here (by adjusting the quantity) and we will start the work on your special item.

    Don't worry as unless we have to order in something rare or precious then we do our very best to keep our bespoke prices in line with our normal prices.

    Please change the qty below to obtain the agreed final price. For example, if a final price of £25 has been agreed then change the qty above to 25. If you have any questions or issues then do please let us know.

    Please be aware that on larger items we reserve the right to require a non-returnable deposit of 50% of the agreed price to cover any costs of any raw material items that we may need to purchase for your item. If we have made a mistake on our part then this would, of course, be fully refundable.

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Leather Hide Food

A selection of nutrient rich leather hide feeds based on all natural ingredients that will ensure your item will last as long as possible.

Light option:

  • Perfect to waterproof and gently nourish your item.
  • Made with natural waxes, oils and tallow.
  • Use every couple of months depending on item use

Medium option:

  • Rejuvenates, feeds, moisturises and conditions both old and new leather
  • Non greasy formula gives a good matt shine to all colours of leather footwear, belts or wallets
  • Made with pure UK beeswax and natural lanolin
  • Use roughly once a year depending on item use

Strong option:

  • Perfect if you haven't looked after your item for a bit too long!
  • Waterproofs and deeply nourishes your item.
  • Made with pure UK beeswax and natural neatsfoot oil

Please note: As with any hide food there is the chance that your item could darken or change colour. We always recommend testing the product on a discrete test area first to make sure you are pleased with the results before going on to treat the entire product.


The Dundee is a range of simple but elegant journal available in all sizes from A7 through to A4, with a slimline diary option too. Available with or without a single pen holder or double sided 'pen lock' ensuring you're less likely to lose your pen or the contents of the journal.