Burgundy leather

Walnut Tree Leather is the UK home of burgundy handmade leather goods.  

We use only the best premium quality, vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather.  

Vegetable tanning (or veg-tan) uses the naturally occurring tannins, from bark and leaves of many plants to convert the hides into leather. This process takes anywhere from several weeks to months, depending on various environmental factors. It is very reliant on the traditional skills of the tanner. 

Veg-tanned leather will also develop its own patina. It will improve over time, growing darker and softer with use which means it will become as unique, and as an individual, as you are.  

We only use cowhide is about 5-6 mm thick, so it is standard to split it into several layers. Off the top comes full-grain and top-grain, which are the best layers as they have all the strength.  

Full-grain and top-grain are very similar, and both have exceptional quality. Full-grain has the original grain from the animal, and top grain has had these sanded or buffed off and looks more uniform. Our burgundy handmade leather goods only use full-grain leather.  

The burgundy leather is hand-dyed using water-based dyes that penetrate deep into the leather giving the best possible depth of colour. By hand-dying it allows us the best possible control of the final colour.  

The way that we handmake burgundy leather products is based on age-old methodologies and takes over a week to create.   All our handmade leather items are lovingly crafted by artisans in the UK. We are a very proud member of the UK Heritage Craft Association. They support and promote heritage crafts as a fundamental part of our living heritage here in the UK.

We guarantee that our burgundy leather won’t degrade or wear out. Therefore everything we create will stand up to a lifetime of use and abuse.  

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