At Walnut Tree Leather all of our leather wallets are 100% handmade in the UK. We use only the finest vegetable tanned leather to make our products. We hand stitch everything from leather wallets, card holders to pincushions.

Most models have multiple configurations, not just what the product photo shows!

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The Bangor Card Holder is a simple yet highly capable handmade leather wallet perfect for everyday use. Big enough to carry 8 cards but small enough to fit in all but the smallest of pockets.


The Bath is a simple clean cut vertical style handmade bifold leather wallet perfect for everyday use. There are 4 card slots allowing space for 8 cards along with 2 easy to access internal pockets. At only 11cm x 7.5cm this is one of our most popular wallets.


The Bedford is a beautiful handmade bi-fold leather wallet with a coin holder perfect for everyday use. There are 2 card slots allowing space for 4 cards along with a hidden pocket allowing for another 2 cards, as well as a coin holder. At about 12cm x 9cm in size, it will comfortably fit in your pocket without stretching your trousers.


A simple yet highly capable handmade leather wallet and card holder perfect for a night out or just as pleasing as an everyday card holder for those who just prefer to travel light. The Bristol Card Holder features three card pockets, one on both the front and back with a hidden one in between. Once broken in it can comfortably accommodate 6-8 cards as well as a small selection of bank notes. It is approximately 10cm by 6.5cm and at only about 6mm thick will comfortably slip into all but of the smallest of pockets.


The Canterbury is a full size beautiful handmade bi-fold leather wallet which is perfect for everyday use. At 11.5cm x 10cm, it is a full height wallet capable of comfortably carrying 12 cards and a bank notes section that runs the full width.


The Chelmsford is a delightfully modest handmade leather sleeve card holder perfect for a night out or it’s equally useful as an everyday product for those who just like to travel light. The holder’s minimal and sleek design makes it the perfect accessory for trips out when you don't want to take the entire content of your wallet, just the bare essentials.


Simple, elegant and practical, the Chester purse is a luxe take on storing your everyday payment essentials.


The Exeter is a functional and practical bi-fold wallet with just a few more curves. It has slots for 4 credit cards and has a side section to hold either receipts, more cards or an ID card. Carries all your everyday essentials and still slips comfortably into your pocket


Named after the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, the Jamestown is a practical travel wallet designed for all your travel essentials for wherever you are headed. With a card slot for your frequent flyer cards, and spaces for both your passport and boarding pass it allows everything in one easily accessible place.