Leather Care

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Leather Hide Food

A selection of nutrient rich leather hide feeds based on all natural ingredients that will ensure your item will last as long as possible.

Light option:

  • Perfect to waterproof and gently nourish your item.
  • Made with natural waxes, oils and tallow.
  • Use every couple of months depending on item use

Medium option:

  • Rejuvenates, feeds, moisturises and conditions both old and new leather
  • Non greasy formula gives a good matt shine to all colours of leather footwear, belts or wallets
  • Made with pure UK beeswax and natural lanolin
  • Use roughly once a year depending on item use

Strong option:

  • Perfect if you haven't looked after your item for a bit too long!
  • Waterproofs and deeply nourishes your item.
  • Made with pure UK beeswax and natural neatsfoot oil

Please note: As with any hide food there is the chance that your item could darken or change colour. We always recommend testing the product on a discrete test area first to make sure you are pleased with the results before going on to treat the entire product.