There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to measure a belt to fit you correctly so it sits well and does it job correctly.

How to measure a belt

There are a couple of ways to measure a belt to fit you perfectly.

  • If you have a belt already:
    • Lay your old belt on a flat table or surface
    • Measure from the inside edge of the buckle to the most used hole
    • Round to the nearest inch and this is your belt size
  • If you have some comfortable fitting trousers
    • Put the trousers on and get them to sit where you want them to
    • Take a piece of string (or best still a fabric tape measure) and starting at the button pass it around your waist through the belt loops (Get help if you need!)
    • As the string passes at the button make a mark where they cross
    • Remove the string and measure this flat on a table
    • Round to the nearest inch and this is your belt size

How not to measure a belt

  • Don’t trust that your trouser size is your belt size. Material stretches, leather belts don’t!
  • Don’t measure your waist without trousers. You will not get the right measurement as you invariably don’t measure where the trousers sit on you. Also, you haven’t allowed for the trouser material itself.
  • Don’t use a builders tape measure to measure around your waist. If this is all you have then use the string option above.
  • Don’t lay your trousers on the table, do up the button, measure the width and double it. (Trust me, just don’t. It may have worked when you were 10, but not anymore.)

Handmade leather belts

All our belts are all handmade from solid leather and come with 5 buckles holes as standard. The measurement you provide will be from the buckle to the middle hole. This gives some room to play with and options to adjust as needed.

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