Leather Care and Repair

Good leather can and should last a lifetime

Good quality leather goods will last a lifetime with some basic leather care and repair. Our busy lives often mean that we forget, aren’t able, or don’t know how to best look after these precious items properly.

Also things do break or go wrong and they just need some ‘TLC’ to get them back their former glory.

This is where we can help you.

We offer a wide range of options to clean and care for your leather items all the way up to a full rebuild and restitch. This often needs to be done by hand to preserve the original holes to prevent further damage occuring.

Below are just a few frequent questions we get asked and just some of the options we can provide for you…

Leather care and repair FAQs

My leather item is dirty.

Yes we can clean and rejuvenate your leather goods. We prefer to use the traditional products as they have consistently given then best results for our customers and their prized belongings.

There is a stain or mark.

We can select from a wide range of specialist cleaning products to try to remove most type of stain or marks. Sometimes though some stains may not be removable without damaging the surounding leather. We can review and advise before starting any work and test if necessary.

I accidentally washed my wallet, what can I do?

First things first, empty the wallet of all items, open it out and leave it to dry naturally at room temperature. Then drop us a line and we will do our best to help you.

My leather item is old and dry.

Yes, we can restore all but the the dryest of items back to a usable and beautiful state. We can also offer an annual clean and feed service if that would help.

The seam of my leather bag has come apart.

In most cases yes we can. Leather is a very unforgiving material and as doesn’t like being run through a sewing machine multiple times as this can perforate the leather at the seam weakening it beyond repair. As such we advise to handsew items back together re-using the original sewing holes.

The zip on my bag has broken

We can often replace broken bag zips.

Can you replace the straps/handles on my bag?

Yes this can often be done. Straps, being the most heavily used part of a bag can often fail first. As such the best option can be to replace them completely. We will try our best to colour match the remaining leather.

Can you restore my leather item?

Yes we can dismantle, rebuild, clean and restore almost any leather item.

Can you dry clean my leather item?

We strongly recommend against this as dry cleaning uses strong solvents to remove dirt and stains. These solvents can often damage the leather, sometimes permanently. Please get in touch if you have a specific problem as we can access specialist leather-friendly cleaning options not available to the general public.

Can you replace the liner of my bag with the exact same material?

This can be very tricky at times as some manufacturers have specific materials made for and thus available only to them. Whilst we can access a wide range of lining materials is now might be a good time to refresh and try something new?

How much do you charge?

Every problem and repair is different and every product is a different size and shape. This means that a set price list is very hard to provide. As a result we charge by the hour and try to keep the costs down for you, our customers. If you get in touch we can discuss options and we will provide you a specific quote to ensure that you are comfortable and happy with the result.

Leather care options

  • Deep leather clean
  • Deep leather clean and feed
  • Spot/mark removal
  • Dry leather restore

Leather repair options

  • Leather re-dye or re-colour
  • Washed leather restore
  • Zip replace
  • Seam repair
  • Strap repair
  • Strap replace
  • Full product restore

Get in touch if we can help:

If we can help clean or restore your special item then do please get in touch.

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