We only use environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather, something that not only looks the part but will stand the test of time and only get better with age. These high-quality leathers develop a beautiful patina and maturity of colour, with all pieces uniquely ageing throughout their life depending on their amount and type of use, gaining their own character which is unique to both you and the item. 

By using only full grain leather any scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles that give each piece in our collection its unique character are not been sanded down or buffed out. We specifically chose not to cover minor imperfections with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes in a range of colours that enhance rather than conceal the beautiful character of the leather. 


Only professional grade oil dyes are used to provide excellent coverage and superior colourfastness. They are then applied to ensure evenness and final quality of colour.


The standard thread that we use as is a very strong waxed and braided polyester thread which is specifically designed for hand sewing leather.  This thread is renowned to be some of the best thread in the world for leatherwork because of its strength, UV and saltwater stability, and it comes in a superb range of colours!  We also have available linen thread which is a very traditional hardwearing thread which comes in a lovely range of softer colours and these are available on demand. 


Almost all of our hardware is made by a selection of excellent traditional family businesses located throughout the country.  You can see and feel the quality of the products that they produce. 


All of our raw materials are UK sourced and wherever possible made in the UK also.  We strongly believe in supporting other small businesses both locally and nationally.