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Where are all the independent high street shops?

As mentioned in our blog post, there are many reasons our historic high street is dying. Far too many to list here but those small local companies haven’t all disappeared, many have just moved. Some got swallowed up by big companies, but some made the switch to online. With that online move comes a whole new world of really technical challenges, that for a small company can often feel insurmountable. So to do my bit to help and support others like us, I would like to introduce our ‘Support Small Saturday’ plan.  

Each and every Support Small Saturday going forward we will be actively promoting 5 other local micro-businesses. We will link to and follow them in our social media channels as well as provide a link to them on this dedicated page on our website. This is to help you to find them and support them if you can. It would also be awesome if these companies could pay this forward as well to help spread the word even further. 

We realise that it isn’t always possible, but this only works if we don’t go to the Amazons of this world but instead spend our money with these fantastic local companies. I should point out that some of these companies I know, some I don’t, but I do like their products or service. Some I use or have used but I don’t receive any kind of money from them, I just want others to know they exist.

So without further ado, the list:

Take part:

If you know of any, including your own business, let us know, and we will add them to our future support list. We only ask that this be for micro-companies

We will also work with the current growing social campaign tags of:

  • #SupportSmallSaturday
  • #ShopSmall
  • #ShopSmallBusiness
  • #ShopLocal
  • #SupportSmallBusiness

Thanks for your support and help!


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