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Bedford handmade leather wallet
I often get asked what to look for when buying a leather wallet so I put together this easy guide
Salisbury Cardholder Video Thumbnail
We are very pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a range of handmade leather kits. These will
Make a difference: Like most things, as we are a small company we can't make a big difference but we
Light Brown handmade leather colour swatch
With almost 200 colour combinations we hope that there is one that you like? To try to make things easier
Sorry if you have been trying to get through!  We have been having a few issues with the current provider
Slow Fashion Movement and Artisanal Leather
In recent years, we have all become more aware of the environmental and human cost of our shopping habits. So
Leather patina
What is leather patina? Leather becomes increasingly attractive as it ages – think of the rich dark colour and soft
Dundee handmade journal cover
As humans, we have been making, trading, and passing down handcrafted leather accessories for thousands of years. But what makes
London Leather Exchange
Welcome to a quick guide through the history of leather tanning! Basic Survival (Prehistoric) We have always needed to be
Tannery Picture
At Walnut Leather, all our items are crafted from premium vegetable-tanned leather. But what exactly is vegetable tanning? (and no,
Here are today's small local companies I would like to let you know about as part of our #SupportSmallSaturday programme.